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What are a couple of blocks when discussing property values? Ask any realtor and they will tell you everything. And when it comes to quality office space, you’d be surprised at how a couple blocks are really worth.

The Third Ward is just a couple of short blocks away from the Wells Building, yet when you compare what you can get for your money at the Wells Building, you’ll quickly realize the value.

The Third Ward is Milwaukee’s premier destination neighborhood. With its mixed-use zoning, the Third Ward provides space for people to live, work, and play all within blocks of each other. Plenty of shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and bars make working in the Third Ward attractive to businesses and their employees who are looking for more of an experience than just a commute to and from work.

There are some drawbacks. Third Ward square footage rates are among the highest in the Milwaukee area. While desirable, businesses have found they just cannot afford leases in the Third Ward.

The explosion of condos and apartments in the neighborhood have severely limited commercial leasing opportunities. In fact, some tenants are forced to move to a new location when their lease expires because the owners have decided to renovate office spaces into residential ones.

Situated on the corner of one downtown Milwaukee’s busiest corners, the intersection of Milwaukee St.. & Wisconsin Ave., the Wells Building can offer similar atmosphere as the Third Ward without the high lease cost.

Socially and culturally, the Wells Building is a gateway to the great restaurants and distinctive shops lining Milwaukee St. north of Wisconsin Ave.  If you are looking to take someone out on the town during the weekend, going to Milwaukee St. is the perfect destination.

Commercially, the Wells Building offers the same kind of office space people are looking for in the Third Ward. From open concept office space to the classic, repurposed warehouse, our development team takes designing your space to a whole new level. Our floorplans are larger than what you would find in the Third Ward, which means more flexibility for your needs.

Our amenities set us apart from many of the Third Ward’s commercial space. The Wells Building’s beautiful marble and brass lobby stands ready to welcome your clients and other business associates. We offer concierge service and state-of-the-art conference space that allows you to temporarily expand your office.

Did we mention free Wi-fi? It’s just another part of the value we bring to our tenants. Our technology allows for the wi-fi to permeate the entire building, meaning a good connection no matter where you are located. It’s built right into your rent. Not many locations offer this technology as part of your lease.

The Wells Building was conceived and built as an office building. It was never a warehouse or a factory. This means it was designed with business in mind. You won’t hear your neighbors walk across the floor above you. There are no wonky spaces limited by a lack of vision by the building’s construction. You will be truly working in an office space.

But, that doesn’t mean boring. When it comes to personalizing your space, Wells Building options are limitless. We want to make your space truly your own. Our professional architectural and interior design partners work with you to create a space that reflects your vision. We provides this service as just another way to demonstrate the value we are committed to providing. Finding that kind of value is nearly impossible to find.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the Third Ward and all that it offers. But what do you get when you walk a couple of blocks from there to the Wells Building? Value. Creativity. Efficiency.  Contact the Wells Building today to setup a tour of our available spaces.